What makes Outland Studios different?


We are not a “cookie-cutter” class.     We do not draw out the canvases for you (with the exception of Paint Your Pet events).


Why?      Because the idea of these events are to have fun, develop your painting skills, and unleash your creativity.
Here’s what you will learn:

  • create shapes step-by-step to complete the painting
  • learn different paint strokes and painting techniques
  • mix paint colors so even the colors on the canvases are unique

The best part of the whole night is seeing everyone’s paintings at the end of the event and seeing the uniqueness in each one of them.     That is TRUE art!

If we pre-draw the canvases, it becomes a “paint by number” class and everyone’s looks the same.

We enjoy watching your painting skills improve with each event that you attend.



Our paintings are original and created with you in mind.


Many of our paintings are inspirations from people just like you!  We create live sceneries in your neighborhood, photographs you have submitted to us, and ideas or suggestions that we talk about and are created in the mind of  artist, Brandon Cowie.     Each painting is designed to be completed by any skill level of painter.     From a beginner to an advanced painter, each painting is designed for you to display and be proud of accomplishing.



We have smaller class sizes.


Our goal is to teach you how to paint and want you to embrace the therapeutic nature of painting.     Our typical class sizes are 10 – 20 guests.     This allows for more personal attention, gives you extra time to learn new techniques, and experiment with your creativity.



From a professional artist’s perspective to a regular Joe’s perspective.


Brandon Cowie has extensive training in art and painting.     He has been creating art since he could hold a pencil.     He has taught kids in every realm for 9 years at Custaloga Town Scout Reservation so he has lots of patience and experience teaching.     His wife, Stacy, has no artistic background, she just loves to create.     So together they create paintings that can be painted by all skill levels.