Graphic Design

Artist Brandon Cowie

Brandon earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree specializing in Graphic Design from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. His own unique illustrative style and love of creatures and monsters bring his art work to life.

His goal is to use his talent to bring communities closer together and unify local business. Combining his love of art and devotion to helping our small community businesses grow, Brandon offers affordable design solutions, from company branding and custom logos to invitations and menus.

His mission: promoting local business through creative design.

Early life

Brandon has been an artist since the day he was born. He enjoyed spending his time sitting in the windows of his childhood home and drawing anything he saw. Over time he found a love for animals and creatures which led him to his passion for Fantasy and Science fiction art and literature. As a child he would use markers to make mosaics on notebook paper. The first mosaic he ever made still hangs in his grandfather's house.

Through high school and college Brandon found a fondness for Illustration starting in an anime style and stemming into the modernistic nostalgia of 50's era illustration. He pulls inspiration into his works from artists such as Picasso and Lichtenstein. With those inspirations and interest in monsters Brandon created a home for all of his creations, Outlands.


Brandon is inspired by the cubist era innovator Pablo Picasso, 50's illustration styles, and the comic book art produced from Marvel studios. This potent mixture of inspiration drives his own personal style while his daily muse is his wife and children. Much of the work that he produces is charismatic and unique to give his community pieces to be proud of.