Edwin Ortiz

Hey I'm Edwin. I am 26 years old. I've been drawing since the early age of 3 and I can still remember one of the first drawings I did. It was a huge red scribble on a pumpkin. I called it a cyclops. When I got older I started drawing the pictures out if my coloring books and I got accepted into the art institute of Pittsburgh at 12 years old with the full intentions of being an animator for Pixar Animation Studios. By 16 years old I already had a good grasp on what it was going to take to be a career artist. Right out of high school I attended Fortis Institute and by 22 I had a degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design. I was hired by the school as a designer and redid all the posters and advertising for the school. In May of 2012, I became a designer and producer for a clothing company and worked there until November of 2015. I am now a freelance designer and studio artist.