Brandon Cowie

An artist without a niche. I'm dedicated to helping spread the love of art and helping my community grow. I started Outland Studios as a way to give small time local artist a way to display their work and help spread their name. I love my family, especially my wife, and all things nature. I firmly believe that as a human I am no better than anyone else in the world and that if we work together to create strong bonds within our communities we can really make a difference in the world.

My work is mainly done through painting mediums however I am a designer by trade and an illustrator by nature. I love to create and bring different creatures to life on canvas and paper.

I created Outland Studios as a way for Artists to express themselves and get their names out in the real world. This sometimes comes in the form of helping the artists better their artform and sometimes it comes in the form of a gallery show for them. If you or a friend wish to better your skills or display work please contact me at

Below are some of pieces