Become an Outland Artist


Hello Outland artist family and new Outland artists. I want to personally thank you for bringing your beautiful works to me and helping me spread the love of Local art. Outland Studios strives to attract new people into our community and display art appropriately and professionally. With our ever growing art collective and so many artists beginning to call Outlands home I felt it was time to step up our game.  Effective immediately all art being displayed will need to adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. All pieces being displayed that are printed must be matted.
  2. Frames will not be accepted unless they are part of the piece. If you would like to use a frame as part of your piece please contact me.
    I will be providing frames.
  3. Artists are responsible for providing prints for their pieces to be sold as a print run and have each print numbered and signed on the front accordingly.
    Example – Having 50 print copies made for a specific piece numbered 1/50, 2/50, etc. and signed. This is hand numbered and signed after the prints are finished.
    (yes you may sell a piece as a single print or original copy)
  4. No artist will hang their own piece in the Gallery. I will take care of this. Part of our new guidelines is that I am going to create a professional and appealing space within the gallery.
  5. All pieces must be Named and marked as NFS (not for sale) or have a price provided so I can make tags.
  6. All pieces must fall under the following “Standard Sizes”

Paintings – No smaller than 16 x 20 will be accepted however, Paintings may be as large as you would like and do not require matting.

Photography / Drawings – Accepted Photography and Drawing sizes are as follows.
smaller prints are acceptable if a customer asks for it.

3D Art – 3D art will be displayed on a podium with protected coverings. You may still provide photograph prints of your piece. See photography sizes.

Installation Art – Installation art needs to be discussed with me so that we can find the appropriate way to display it.

All future shows are now going to be Juried Shows. This means that each artist may submit as many pieces as they would like but only one piece from each will be chosen and displayed. Featured artists will have 2 pieces chosen and displayed.

Art will be judged by the community using our usual voting system and a Best in Show Certificate will be awarded. The December show will always be a best of the year show where each artist who has won a “Best in Show” will have a chance to win Artist of the year with brand new pieces. Winning “Best in Show” more than once does not gain you extra entries into the December Shows.



As always thank you Artists for your continued involvement in the art community and passion for what you do. I look forward to the next show and the fun we will have in the future.



Brandon Cowie

Owner / Creative Director

Outland Studios LLC